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With over 40 lenders to compare the best rate finance for you- It’s quick & easy to apply.


Our car loans will get you the best rate available no matter what your credit profile looks like. Our application is easy & our customer service is exceptional. Apply now or get a risk free quote today!


Have a registered ABN & an Australian Drivers license? Our Business vehicle loans are easier than ever, use our risk free quick quote to get your business rate today!


From hitting the water to caravanning around Australia, get the best rate on your next leisure vehicle. Make the most of this summer & apply or get your risk free quote today!


Looking to fund new equipment for your business? Our equipment loans are customised to suit your business needs. Use our risk free quick quote now to find out your rate today!


If your current credit file isn’t as good as it used to be then talk to us about our second chance car loans! We can run your application without impacting your credit score further so it’s risk free!

Shaun was very efficient and professional in obtaining a first time loan for my son and I would highly recommend Falcon Finance and will definitely be using their services again should the need arise. He managed to secure an excellent interest rate for him and the whole process was fast, easy and stress free



NO DEPOSIT & LOW RATES– Falcon Finance can find you the best No-deposit & low rate finance for your business needs.

24 HOUR FUNDS– With business vehicle loans funding is typically available very quickly and the application process is simple with funds able to be transferred within 24 hours of application lodgement.

FLEXIBILITY– A business car loan can provide you with the funds you need quickly as well as provide repayment flexibility. If you are looking to purchase a vehicle for business purposes, whether it be a company car, van, truck, or even a whole fleet, a business car loan is the right option for you.

GST ADVANTAGES– With business car loans, funding is typically available very quickly and the application process is simple, it can even offer your business GST advantages. 

NO DOCUMENTATION– If you are an ABN holder you may be eligible for a No documentation loan which means no paperwork.

Shaun was able to help me get my new ute using just my drivers license & ABN number. By far the easiest application I have done! I couldn’t recommend these guys more!



We have access to many lenders and will always find you the best rates available! Check out how our comparison interest rates compare to the banks. Comparison rates help you work out the total cost of the loan (including fees & charges) and to compare different loans. (Data current as 1/9/2019)

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MORE OPTIONS– With more than 40 lenders to choose from we can find you the lowest rate today! We are experts in getting you the right type of vehicle finance.

FLEXIBLE REPAYMENTS– If you need a lower repayment we have more options to get you a longer term loan or a balloon payment to suit your needs. 

ALL CREDIT PROFILES– We have lenders for every credit score, we will assess your credit file and match you with the best lender for your situation, including second chance finance lenders.

COMMERCIAL LOANS- ABN Holders with an Australian drivers license use our Quick Quote form below to get your funds within 24 hours!

RISK FREE– We can assess your profile before applying which means we protect your credit file & give you your loan options first with no obligation.


We make applying easy so you can be enjoying your new vehicle sooner.

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Our team act fast! With access to some of the lowest industry rates we are highly competitive and can find you the best deal!

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Complete our 2 minute application online or via phone (1300 325 346). Your loan specialist will let you know what documents you will need to send us.

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You’ve done the hard the part! Pending on assessment we will give the stamp of approval to now go shopping for the vehicle you desire!

Receive your funds!

Now for the best part! Funds are transferred into a nominated account upon final approval and it is time to complete your purchase.


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car loan faqs


What is a secured car loan?

A secured car loan is a loan that is connected to a form of security, or collateral. Generally, the security for a car loan is the car itself. If you fail to repay the loan, the lender might seize your car, sell it and then use the proceeds to recover their debt.

How much can I borrow with a car loan?

There’s no set number. That’s because borrowing capacity differs from person to person, as well as lender to lender. Lenders don’t give out car loans unless they’re confident they’ll be repaid. Each lender uses its own formulas to calculate capacity-so Mr & Mrs Smith might find that while lender X will give them a car loan for $20,000, lender Y will offer only $18,000. This is where Falcon Finance can help find the best lender for you.

What is a comparison rate?

The comparison rate is known as the ‘real’ interest rate you must pay -unlike the advertised interest rate, which is often an artificially low number. That’s because the comparison rate includes both the advertised rate and the associated fees. According to the industry standard, comparison rate calculations are made on the assumption that the car loan will be for $30,000 over five years.

What can I purchase under a secured loan?

You can purchase most vehicles under a secured loan, including cars, motorbikes, jet skis, boats & caravans. The vehicle can vary of age and each lender will differ as to what age the vehicle can be. Falcon finance have access to many lenders with more options of financing older & used vehicles, as well as new vehicles.

What is a second chance loan?

You can purchase your new car using our second chance loans. This means usine a 2nd or 3rd tier lender. The interest rate may be higher however this loan has the ability to get your credit file bakc on track. Ask us for more information today.

What is a balloon payment?

Some lenders will offer borrowers reduced monthly repayments in return for a one-off lump sum-or balloon payment- that the borrower must pay at the end of the loan. Generally, the total repayments on a loan with a balloon structure will be higher than a loan without.

What is an establishment fee?

Some lenders will charge you an establishment fee, or one-off up front fee, to cover the cost of setting up your car loan.

What is a commercial hire purchase?

A commercial hire purchase, or CHP, is an arrangement by which a finance company buys a car on your behalf. You get  to borrow the car in return for making regular payments to the financier. Once the payment, you take ownership of the car.

What is a Low Doc loan?

A No-Doc or Low-doc loan refers to loans that do not require borrowers to provide documentation of their income to lenders or do not require much documentation. If you are self employed and an active ABN holder you qualify for a low doc loan.

What is an early termination fee?

Some lenders will make you pay a penalty, or early termination fee, if you pay off your loan ahead of schedule. This is to compensate them for the interest payments they don’t get to collect.

Do I need a deposit?

When looking to make a large purchase- such as a car or motorbike- with the help of a loan, saving up for a loan deposit is often the greatest hurdle you’ll have to overcome. Luckily, in many cases, it is possible to obtain a car loan or motorcycle loan without a deposit. However, this type of no deposit vehicle loan is subject  to several variable circumstances.


Shaun brings over 7 years of experience in the Finance & Automotive industry, along with a background in consulting, financing & client relationship services.

Cars & motorcycles were the beginning of Shaun’s journey into his finance career which has now developed into running his own Finance brokerage ‘Falcon Finance Australia’ alongside his partner, Bec.

Shaun aspires to be the best in the business & brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to work each day.

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“Was a very easy and quick process to get my personal loan sorted and paid into my account. I would highly recommend anyone I know to use falcon finance.”

Shaun Kane

Brisbane, Facebook Review

“service is outstanding!!
Falcon Finance are knowledgeable and easy to talk to.They take you through step by step and make everything simple and easy i wouldnt go anywhere else for finance

Keari Martin

Gold Coast, Facebook Review

We needed a new car and had never used a broker before. We wanted someone who was trustworthy and that we knew could help us. Shaun and Becky did everything we had hoped, plus more. We now have our perfect family car for all of our holidays and to keep our family safe. 
Shaun was always reachable and helped us liaise with offers and all other general aspects of things. It was the easiest loan application process with the only hard task being which car to pick! 
We will continue to use Shaun and Becky for all our future needs and have no problem in recommending Falcon Finance to our friends and family. 
Thanks again you two.
Danny, Alicia and family”

Alicia Gee

Gold Coast, Facebook Review

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